IoT Enabled Modern Learning Environments Enabling Students to have Constant Access to Learning

Gagan Verma, Executive Director, Crestron India Crestron offers integrated solutions to control audio, video, computer, IP and environmental systems, its streamlines technology, improving the quality of life for people in corporate boardrooms, conference rooms, classrooms, auditoriums, and in their homes.

The revolution of the connected world has just begun. If internet just opened to us a totally new theatre of life, there is more coming which is probably going to rewrite everything that has been written. And this is going to happen through the Internet of Things or what is popularly known as IoT.

The coming of internet has touched every aspect of a human's life. A simple connection between two computers has moved into unimaginable things where it is literally impossible to think of anything which has not been touched by this technology today.

As internet has shaken up the world of finance, healthcare, education to name just a few, a similar phenomenon is projected to happen through IoT across many sectors. This is more pronounced especially in a segment like education.

Technology and education go together, and they form a kind of symbiotic relationship. Now, IoT is only expected to take this engagement to a wholly different level.

Education is a very wide area, but one can visualise how IoT is going to create a positive impact. As the first step, this could transform the concept of teaching board in a class room. The use of chalk on these boards can be discarded and replaced with something that is interactive, dynamic and most importantly highly engaging.

Today, we talk about smart class, but this is largely a unidimensional concept. But with the coming of IoT, it can change the game completely upside down. A smart board, which is IoT enabled in fact, opens a totally a different teaching environment. Imagine, a two-way
communication between the teacher and students with an IoT board providing all the knowledge, which can include text, graphics, videos and pictures. It is bound to keep up the curiosity level of the students.

An IoT environment has all the necessary ingredients to create an atmosphere where students think beyond the obvious, with technology bringing-in all the necessary information and knowledge

An IoT-enabled education setup is going to make the whole concept of textbooks so outdated as the devices, such as, tablets, smartphones or e-readers would make the entire process of learning much more interactive. This interaction is what makes an education system great.

The biggest benefit one can talk about an IoT-based education is the two-way communication between the students and teachers. As everybody is on the connected world through the internet, it becomes easier for the teachers to interact more directly with the students.

IoT will not be just a medium of communication in the world of education as it can be used to do perform other important tasks, which are generally very repetitive in nature like attendance. As all the students are now connected through IoT, attendance is not likely to be chore which must be undertaken daily by the teachers.

The world has certainly become a more uncertain place and there are also unfortunately few issues of unseen dangers coming up frequently especially in an education institution. Now with IoT, a security perimeter can be easily erected to provide a more comfortable and safe environment.

Today, education also serves the needs of those students who have certain specific requirements and what a better way this can be implemented through IoT.

IoT in education can certainly create the miracles. Today, we find the education system being to a certain extent based on rote learning. An interactive and participative environment brings out the best out of the students. Say, for example, a theory is better understood through practical examples and what a better way through an interactive board which is IoT-enabled in a class room.

As one talks about creating personalised medicine, a similar feat can also be achieved in education. IoT provides the ideal platform where one can move towards the goal of personalised learning as the requirement of each student is different.

Education flourishes and retains its vibrancy when there is constant interaction. This forms a fundamental bedrock for an educational institution as a one-way communication can become a big dampener. An IoT environment has all the necessary ingredients to create this atmosphere where students think beyond the obvious with technology bringing in all the necessary information and knowledge. It is generally said that a great teacher inspires students and IoT in education can that dream come true.