Education System for Paperless Management

Ajay SakhamuriCEOMyClassboard.comHeadquartered in Hyderabad, is cloud-based education management services provider that is enabling school administrators manage all their clerical tasks such as managing student & staff data, streamlining administrative tasks, and maximising communication between school and parent.

“Go Green - Say No To Paper - Save Trees” is the current slogan that is being campaigned in every corner of the globe,to generate awareness about the importance of trees among the people and reduce deforestation to curb the rising effect of Global Warming. Many are unaware of the fact that each year,the world produces more than 300 million tons of paper and over 60% of the timber harvested worldwide each year is used for paper and its products.

Over the past few years, telcos, banks, and other large businesses have put forth their efforts to get their consumers to replace their paper bills with electronic bills and statements. The advancements in technology over the recent years has made a significant development in the reduction of paper consumption around the globe.

A little lately but commendably even schools have joined the green revolution to save trees and planet Earth. From filling up the enquiry or registration forms to educational textbooks and the examination papers, the educational stream is one industry that uses a vast amount of paper all over the world.

Now, when talking about a school, attendance, report cards, and diary are the vital aspects of all students, parents, and management. Gone are those days when teachers marked the attendance manually in registers, prepared the report card, entered the grades manually, used the diary to enter daily homework, assignments or any remarks. It's time to move with the trend and embrace technology to the system eliminating the paperwork by making everything digital.

The traditional school management system was completely dependent on pen and paper
and it involved arduous manual work and wastage of paper. Needless to say, this enormous wastage represented an equally enormous cost for the school management and the entire process seemed tedious. The school management has to maintain piles of papers and stacks of files that contain the numerous records of students, attendance, school finances and other information which is wearisome and time-consuming too. The paper management was often prone to data loss costing the sincere efforts, resources and time of the management. The heap of such flaws needed serious consideration to be burnt and replaced by a management software that streamlines the administration process and operations of other departments of schools effortlessly.

With many e-learning sites available in a click, students and teachers can access them in their classrooms, thus improving the collaboration between the duo

Ever since technology made its advent in the field of education, it is a different story altogether. Slowly the traditional school management systems are being replaced by the online school management systems with every school clinging to school management software. The school management can generate and track the records of students database management,admission process system, accounts management, fee collection management,and others anytime from anywhere using the school management software.

This is an age where the world prefers tablets rather than textbooks. With many e-learning sites available in a click, students and teachers can access them in the classrooms improving the collaboration between the duo. The learning management systems help schools create a paperless interactive learning environment for students. They allow teachers to provide course materials for students electronically and also offers a platform for students to interact and participate in discussions. They also facilitate electronic assignment submission where teachers or staff are allowed to access, verify and provide feedback on the same with grades.

There are various companies who are doing their efforts to conserve the natural resources and protect the environment in India like My Class board, who have come up with an educational system to facilitate paperless management. The benefits of adopting a school management software are aplenty. Unlike the traditional system which often resulted in going off focus from students, the online school management system not only reduces the consumption of paper, saves the costs, precious time and resources of the organization, but also empowers the teachers to continue to do the best they can - TEACH. When considering the cost saving and data management, educational industry for sure is going to reap benefits.

It is the due responsibility of every individual to understand the disastrous effects the paper consumption has on our environment and take necessary steps that can help encourage the world to use less of it. Better late than never, even the education system should take steps to cultivate paperless management in schools, colleges, and universities. Schools, now it's your time to take a call to go green by saying no to paper and contribute your part to save Planet Earth. Would you like to join us in this “Green Revolution”? Go Paperless. Save Trees.